Friday, 1 February 2013

Tips about Lighting for Home Harmony with Feng Shui

The need to place lighting or lighting in the house according to the science of Feng Shui. Types of lights and placement can ensure proper chi energy can flow smoothly.

Types of lights and placement can ensure appropriate based on Feng Shui chi energy flowing smoothly. First of all, need to illuminate the front of the house. It aims to bring good luck in hockey or home. It is also necessary not to be stingy with the use of electricity.

The light is very important. Lighting is energy, heat. However, all it takes balance. Yin and yang must be balanced.

However, according to him, too much light is not good for health, especially for the eyes. In contrast to the front of the house, the main room and a child's room should not be too bright.

Good lighting in the bedroom was a bit dim.

For the bedroom, use LED lights type of radiation is quite low. While in the living room, usually the space is decorated with beautiful lights or commonly referred magnificent chandelier. In addition, the lamps are also often ornate ceiling medallion or a disk-shaped "base" of the lamp.

Better you use crystal lamps such as chandeliers for the living room or family room. Chandelier more beautiful, more crystals, the better.

More went back into the house, now it's time to set your kitchen lighting. For the kitchen, the sink and the stove should be bright. Do not forget the importance of having a furnace stove more than three pieces.

As an alternative, you can use a stove that has two furnaces and a grill. You also put a chandelier above the dining table. However, efforts should be made so that the lights are not too bright and not too dark.

You need to "soften" every corner of the house to put the lights. Additionally, for those who believe in "spirits", Yohan also said that putting the lights in the corners of the house to reduce and even abolish the "bad stuff" resides in the corner of your home.

In addition to the lighting in the corner, give the lighting on the outside of the house. You need to illuminate the darkest parts of your home landscape. Hang a lantern in the garden or at the gate, for example, needs to be done to increase energy.

Light up your home number. In addition, he suggests, do not put the house numbers attached to the wall.